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Agfa LeBox Disposable Camera 400-27 35mm Flash 601020 Exp (4-11/2023)

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Perfect for weddings, parties as well as holidays, outdoor pursuits, walking, hiking and festivals. The fast party camera with a flash Use indoors or outdoor with its powerful flash system, extends the flash range to 4 metres. Large and clear optical viewfinder makes it easy to see and frame the picture. The Agfa Le Box Camera is a single-use snapper loaded with speedy Agfa 400 film, perfect for shooting under bright sunlight or even on overcast days. Better prints in a flash. The fast party camera with a flash. Smart photo fun in a high class design - you can see the quality of LeBox Flash. The built-in flash makes this single use camera a real all-rounder. Just press the button - and put a happy group of people in the picture. The flash has a range of 4 metres and illuminates the scene evenly. And it recharges automatically, so that you are ready for the next snapshot straight away. LeBox Flash, photo fun with a flash: for indoors and outdoors with a flash range of up to 4 metres. Agfa 601020 Disposable Camera