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Fuji Superia 1600-24 35mm Film Wholesale (Single Roll)

Fuji Superia 1600-24 35mm Film Wholesale (Single Roll)


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Fujicolor Superia 1600 from Fujifilm is a high-speed daylight-balanced color negative film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 1600/33° when processed in C-41 chemistry. Featuring 4th Color Layer technology, this film yields vibrant and natural colors, even under mixed and fluorescent lighting, along with a wide exposure latitude. As an ultra-high-speed film, Super 1600 excels in low-light and available-light conditions, and is ideal for handheld shooting. Nano-Structured Sigma Grain Technology is also employed to produce a fine, unobtrusive grain structure with high sharpness that is well-suited for scanning and printing applications.

Expiration date: unknown: (film comes in cannister)