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Kodak Ultra 400UC 135 36 Professional Color Negative Film

Kodak Ultra 400UC 135 36 Professional Color Negative Film


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This family of color negative films delivers an extra punch of color. Kodak Professional Ultra Color Films/100UC and 400UC feature deep, saturated color to bring subjects to life, without sacrificing skin tones. Both film offer extremely fine grain for smooth enlargements through both optical prints and digital film scans, as well as outstanding sharpness for capturing fine detail.

Color Precision Technology
Vibrant color; Improved color saturation without sacrificing skin reproduction
Advanced T-GRAIN Emulsions with Kodak's proprietary ADA's (Advanced Developer Accelerators)
Extremely fine grain; Remarkably detailed scans; Enlargements with very little grain
High performance dye couplers
Unsurpassed sharpness; Able to record fine detail and distinct edges
Human-eye spectral sensitivity
Unsurpassed color accuracy - film sees color much like the human eye; Renders difficult colors
Triple coated blue emulsions
More consistent color and skin reproduction when over or under-exposed
Unified Film Emulsion Technology
Consistent look with 100UC and 400UC films; Exceptional flexibility to capture a wide variety of scenes and situations